Fears of delay in redressal of polls complaints due to fewer election tribunals

Rao Bilal

The January 15 election in Karachi has already become controversial due to unnecessary delay in the results. On the other hand, due to the creation of fewer tribunals by the Election Commission, there are fears of delays in handling election-related complaints, which will further tarnish the credibility of the already controversial election.

Sources say that less election tribunals have been set up in various districts of Karachi to deal with election complaints. Due to which there may be delay in dealing with electoral complaints. The Election Commission has set up only 13 election tribunals to deal with complaints related to the elections held in 16 districts in the second phase in the province.

According to details, a single tribunal has been set up for 43 Union Committees and 172 Wards of District East and 37 Union Committees and 148 Wards of District Korangi, in supervision of District and Sessions Judge of District Korangi. The total number of union committees of both the districts is 80, while the wards are 320. So far the most objections have come in these two districts and it is likely that the most electoral complaints will also accumulate here; it will be very difficult for a tribunal to deal with the electoral complaints in a timely manner in said both districts.

District West and Keamari have total 65 union committees and 260 wards, 33 UCs,132 Wards and 32 UCs and 128 Wards respectively, but the election commission set up only a tribunal consisting of District and Session Judge West District. Sources say that these two districts are still second in terms of objections.

A Tribunal consisting of District and Sessions Judge District Central has been constituted for 45 Union Committees and 180 wards of District Central. Sources say that there are not many complaints in the central district.

For 26 Union Committees and 104 Wards of South District, a Tribunal consisting of District and Sessions Judge, South has been constituted. So far, the lowest numbers of objections have been filed in the District.

A tribunal has been formed for 30 Union Committees and 120 Wards of Malir District and consists of District and Sessions Judge District Malir, there are not many objections in this district so far.

Sources say that the Election Commission has set up fewer election tribunals keeping in view the results of the first phase, as there were not many electoral complaints in the first phase election. But in the second phase, since there are many election complaints, the Election Commission will have to form more election tribunals, otherwise the election results may be further delayed.