Fazl firm on march


LEADER of JUI(F) Maulana Fazlur Rehman has announced that his much-talked-about march to oust the Government would begin on October 27. After a consultative session of his party in Islamabad, he told media that JUI(F) caravans from across the country would converge in the federal capital on that day to express solidarity with Kashmiris (as the day is observed as Black Day by Kashmiris) and also to get rid of what he called an incompetent Government. He also hinted at staging a sit-in as was done by PTI during tenure of PML(N) to topple the elected Government.
There is still confusion whether it would be a solo flight of the party or it would have concrete cooperation and support of other opposition political parties especially PML(N) and PPP. Leaders of the two major opposition parties had a meeting where they agreed to request to Maulana to delay his programme for March on Islamabad but apparently he has not responded positively to their suggestion. After his announcement for the protest march, PPP, which earlier claimed it would only extend moral support to him, welcomed the move and a meeting of the core committee of the party has been convened to deliberate on the exact course of action. There are reports of differences within the PML(N) about extending support to the agitation politics of JUI(F) with hawks pleading for fullest participation and doves wanting to stay away. With only three weeks left for preparations, it is to be seen whether JUI(F) succeeds to put up an impressive show especially when there is also claim by Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, who is known for making political prophesies, that there would be no march at all. On the other hand, KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has declared that his government would not allow anyone to cross the province and lists are reportedly being prepared of the JUI(F) leaders and active workers for their arrests before the deadline, which is reflective of unease in the governmental camps. Political activities like processions and sit-ins are means to air grievances and there should obviously be no obstruction until and unless one has violent agenda. The use of force could create more problems, political uncertainty and sense of insecurity.

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