Fazal warns of serious consequences if ‘institution’ act against PDM

Tariq Saeed

Pakistan Democratic Movement chief and Secretary General of his own faction of Jamiat e Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) Maulana Fazlur Rehman Saturday warned the judiciary and the “Institutions” of the dire consequences if they act against the present regime.

“We are scared of anyone, no matter how much you are powerful or are a part of any organization”. PDM chief said in an apparent reference to judiciary and establishment while speaking at a media conference in Peshawar. He however, said he was not against the institutions but the people present there.

He also announced that the PDM will contest the election from one platform, a decision that is yet to be endorsed by the two major components of the nine parties alliance.

Fazal warned that if the institutions resort to farm cases against the PDM components the will responded in strong manners. “Should the institutions form cases against us we will throw the file son their faces”. The Maulana from D I Khan threatened. He accused the establishment and the judiciary of favoring the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Supremo Imran Khan.

“I want to tell the Institutions in clear words that the present government would not become slave to anybody; the institutions stand with their blue eyed boy Imran Khan”. Maulana said adding the coalition government will not get bullied by anyone. “All the allied parties will contest together in the by-elections”. He maintained.

Fazl castigated the Supreme Court’s decision of electing Pervez Elahi as the chief minister of Punjab and said the judiciary was the most important institution of the state and it is everyone’s duty to respect it yet it should not give controversial verdicts or favor someone. “Is it necessary that the same bench of the Supreme Court take up cases against Imran Khan”? Maulana questioned.

He said the state gets destroyed if the judge becomes controversial by his behavior and facilitates one side adding that there will be severe consequences if a judge, through his behavior, shows he is taking sides with someone.

When his attention was drawn towards the current deteriorating situation of the country with special reference to the unprecedented price hike in the country that has made the lives of the citizens miserable and the historic rice in the dollar price the Pakistan Democratic Movement president said he did not know that the situation has gone so bad.

Maulana claimed that the PTI chief Imran Khan was brought to the power through international forces yet his government was not toppled through international conspiracy.

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