Fayaz to make holes in Pervaiz’s boat: PMLN


Responding to Fayaz-ul-Hasan Chohan’s press conference, PMLN Punjab spokesperson Azma Bukhari said Chohan got humiliation from every door. “I congratulate Chohan on getting a new temporary job. He retired from Bani Gala job and now joined Gujrat’s government”.

Azma Bukhari said that Chohan has just come to make more holes in Pervaiz Elahi’s sinking boat. Like Imran Khan, Pervaiz Elahi is also a commander of a losing army.

The Supreme Court yesterday said that only a member who votes against party policy will be de-seated, said Azma.

The PTI does not have its own Chief Ministerial candidate, she said.

If a member votes for an opposition candidate, then the parliamentary leader writes a letter of action to the speaker. Incompetent presidential reference is still in the Supreme Court. She questioned which fort Pervaiz Elahi was conquering by locking the assembly.


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