Fawad wonders at Opposition’s protest call

Staff Reporter

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has said the country had to face economic hardships due to bad economic policies of previous stints of PML-N and PPP governments and when the economy is stabilizing the opposition’s protest call is preposterous.

In his tweet on Sunday, Fawad Ch said due to bad policies of the PPP and PML-N governments in the past, the country had to suffer economic hardships.

He said after a long time, the PTI government’s sagacious economic policies have started bearing fruit. He said for the first time in Pakistan’s history, more than Rs4,000 billion tax was collected.

He eulogized the efforts of overseas Pakistanis who actively contributed to the efforts to put Pakistan to its feet economically.

He said the overseas Pakistanis sent Rs1,000 billion in remittances. He said wheat, sugarcane and maize witnessed bumper production contributing to Rs1,100 billion to the agricultural economy which enhanced the purchasing power of farmers remarkably.

He said sale of tractors rose by 64% and added that there was an increase in the use of fertilizers and insecticide medicines.