Father vows to bail out daughter



The father of a TikTok user, Marvi Khilji, on Monday vowed to bail her daughter out of prison within two days after she set the house on fire for being stopped to make videos. The father of the jailed TikTok user, Aziz Khilji, has reportedly admitted his mistake after lodging a police complaint against his daughter. Khilji reportedly said that she lives in his heart and he cannot sleep well in her absence from the home.
Khilji added that his daughter has definitely made a mistake, however, she is still his daughter. He also requested other family members to be silent over the matter. He vowed to bail her daughter out of the jail in the next two days after she was sent to women jail in Larkana after a 14-day remand.
In a bizarre event which a Pir Jo Goth family had to face on last Friday, a girl had allegedly set the house on fire after elders prevented her from making TikTok videos. Father of the girl, Aziz Ahmed Khilji, had lodged the first information report with the local police alleging his daughter set their house alight today after he tried and stopped her from making videos for the short video sharing platform TikTok.
The FIR on father’s complaint had read that upon preventing the daughter from making videos for the platform, she maligned him and then set fire to the house. Following up on the complaint made by family, local police took over and arrested the girl who is now transferred to women police stations in the locality.—INP