Fasting — from starvation to salvation | By Nighat Leghari


Fasting — from starvation to salvation

FASTING is a very ancient and common practice from the genesis of human society. In almost all the religions other than Islam, fasting is a component of their faith.

In other religions fasting is intermittent but in Islam it is an obligatory prayer and a component of worship.

In Islam fasting is a fair business between man and Allah Almighty, comprising all benefits and advantages for mankind. In Islam prayer is accomplished with fasting. It is taken as a source of Salvation.

As fasting is taken as a business based on the righteousness and honesty of a businessman it does not bring loss or any kind of failure to the man.

It is a full code of corporal and spiritual health. Roza is taken usually a difficult practice in prayer, but it gives wellbeing to human beings.

It gives a perfect treatment to human body and brain. In all other religions the practice of fasting is regarded as rigorous self-discipline and self denial.

In their faith fasting and meditation are the component of their worship.

They regard fasting significantly a fundamental practice of character morality and solidarity.

In Christianity fasting is taken as spiritual growth and deepening of relations between the Lord and the man according to it fasting make you intimate with the Lord and force you to seek His face.

It gives man a large umber off rewards. In Buddhism fasting has an imperative part of their worship.

The Gautama Buddha observed fasting for 49 consecutive days and was passed away in fasting conditions. His ribs become visible with starvation of this long period at the time of his death.

In Hinduism fasting is also practiced but intermittently for a limited time and certain code of eating, but they also take fasting a moral and spiritual act and purifying the body.

Jews also fast for six regular days in a year. July and August are the major months of fasting in Jewish calendar.

They fast from sunset to darkness of the following night but two days full fasting during the time Jews may neither eat nor drink even water but their exceptions for the people with health issues.

They practice fasting as repentance of any wrong doing. Traditionally Jews fast for 25 hours in commemoration of the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

They are believed that they can seek peace and pleasure through fasting.

Tragical enough that certain Muslims take fasting as a difficult practice of prayer but if we peep into very deep in this it comes into clear that if this part of prayer is made obligatory to human beings that is wellbeing for human beings.

This is not at all to harm our body or abstain from food; it gives us a powerful reward corporally and spiritually.

It gives you a feeling of morality and solidarity. It purifies our heart, humble our souls heighten our spirits, subdue our flesh and release to us a spiritual guidance.

It forces us to abstain from bad deeds, avoid sexual adulteration and alcohol. Fasting is complete harmony with nature and mankind. It gives us strength and motivation for kindness, sacrifice, just and brotherhood. It is a treatment to a morbid soul fasting is not fixed on us to discomfort our physique.

Allah Almighty allows to avail all the opportunity of pleasures but within the circles which He has draw around the man.

Allah Almighty has bestowed upon us an orderly system which gives us a sense of security. Quran reads, “Surely Allah is knowing wise. ” Submission to God is beauty, goodness, piety, spirituality, humility and servitude.

Modern science and this era of awareness proved the Islamic practice of Roza perfectly accurate for human physical health, they say that fasting should be made obligatory to whole of the human community, fasting plays positive role miraculously in human internal body system.

Sad enough that setting aside all the sanctity of this Holy month of Ramazan exclusively a religious group created conditions of commotion in the whole of the country.

The Nation is already in a tight grip of an epidemic which is a divine catastrophe and wrath of the Almighty God.

It has brought havoc to the people and their running business and work, all over the country.

The riots of the religious group pushed the people into the conditions of pandemonium.

No doubt the protest against any issue of the country is a component of the democratic system but there always lies exception.

This holy month is only dedicated for prayers and peace. This angry religion group is fully aware of the Islamic teachings and divine commands, killing of the human beings ad destruction of their properties is strictly prohibit in this holy month, this is a sin.

—The writer is contributing columnist based in Germany.


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