Farmers to be facilitated in preparing low cost nutrient rich animal feed using agri waste


Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) conducted a seminar on ALP project entitled “Evaluation of Crop Residues Based Total Mixed Fermented Rations for Ruminants” at Livestock Research Station (LRS), ASI, National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) recently.

The aim of seminar/project was of growers and scientists relating “Usage of agri waste prepared silage in preparation of animals’ feed in low cost.

The Chairman, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali while addressing the participants of the seminar said Livestock has an important role in promoting socioeconomic development in rural areas.

Livestock has potential for poverty alleviation. Recent past the price of feed and feed ingredients is increasing day by day in this scenario there is a dire need to introduce and include low-cost alternate feed resources to reduce the feeding cost. PARC / NARC animal scientists are striving for the betterment of livestock farmers in Pakistan.

Dr. Ali has vowed to facilitate the growers in use of agri stuff based silage in preparation of animal food. The use of sugar beet pulp silage or citrus pulp silage instead of maize silage not only reduces the feeding cost from 25 to 30% but can also improve the production performance of the livestock.