Farewell ceremony held for retired headmaster

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

Headmaster Sultan Ghani of Government Primary School New Surkh Dheri has retired. A grand farewell ceremony was organized in his honour in which school children along with teachers and local elders also participated.

On this occasion, lecturer Dr. Sajjad Khan, school teachers Farmanullah, Manzoor Khan, Sartaj Muhammad, Fazle Rehman, Muhammad Fayaz, Malak Sahib, Muhammad Izhar, Hazrat Usman, Hamidullah, Sajid Ali, Wajidullah, Ehsanul Haq, Alamzeb Afridi, Muhammad Shoaib, Noman Hassan, Abbas Khattak, Area Elders Haji Mukhtiar Hassan, Sultan Wali, Akhunzada Fazle Haq, Rehman Wali, Ahmad Ali and others paid tribute to retired Headmaster Sultan Ghani for his 41-year service as a teacher.

Presented And expressed good wishes for them. Addressing the farewell ceremony, Headmaster Sultan Ghani said that it is an honor for me to serve 41 years in the education sector in an honorable manner. He said that wherever I was posted, I performed my duty with full effort. He also thanked the other teachers and said that they have fully cooperated with me and supported me at every front and position.

Giving a message to the students to get education, he said that the secret of development of nations lies in getting education. Nations can develop only through education. Therefore, the students should study with full dedication and enthusiasm. At the end of the ceremony, the teachers and local elders garlanded the retired Headmaster Sultan Ghani and presented him with gifts.

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