Family who heckled Ahsan Iqbal at a restaurant apologises



The family who heckled the Minister for Planning at a restaurant has apologized to Ahsan Iqbal at his residence. In a statement on social networking site Twitter, Federal Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal wrote that the family involved in the incident came to Narowal and apologized for their actions in the meeting, expressing regret and embarrassment.

“I have already announced that I will not take legal action against them,” he said and added we are all Pakistanis and the right to disagree with each other should not be turned into hatred and mutual respect should be maintained.

The planning minister was heckled by a family at a restaurant after which a video of the incident quickly went viral shows Iqbal stopping by at the eatery in Bhera along the Islamabad-Lahore motorway. There, he ran into a family, whom he described looked to be from the “elite”.

Iqbal in a tweet said that they engaged in a debate and instead of responding civilly, the family started heckling him. Imran Khan Likely To Be Detained by Pakistan Government Amid Long March.In his tweet, the Minister said that while the family thought themselves to be part of the elite, the way they heckled him showed they were uncultured plebians. He stated that it does not matter if the courts hold people like Ahsan Iqbal to account, the public will hold them to account at every town square.—NNI


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