Family that lost 7 in US attack face economic hardship


A family who lost seven members in an assault conducted by US forces in the eastern province of Nangarhar is struggling with dire economic problems.

A few years ago the US Forces targeted a residence during the night in Shirzad district of Nangarhar, killing seven members of a single family.

The remaining family members now face an uncer-tain future, relatives said.

They called for justice to be ensured.Dost Ahmad, 36, is currently taking care of the or-phans and widows of the family.

“Our house was destroyed. We are destroyed. There were airstrikes. The children screamed,” he said.

The widows who lost their husbands in the night raid said that they are worried about their children’s future.

“They (US forces) killed my husband in front of my eyes. They were dragging him out of the room and opened fire. Our children are still frightened from that scene” said a widow. “When my father was alive, he took good care of us. He told us that he will send us to school but now I am not going to school,” said Shukria, 10, who lost her father. The decades of war in Afghanistan left thousands of people killed and wounded as well as millions of others displaced. The Afghan conflict has also in-flicted financial losses to the country. Based on available numbers, around 97 percent of the Afghan population is facing severe poverty. —TOLO


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