Family says doctor went missing 5 months ago


Family members in Parwan province say that their son, a doctor, has been missing for five months.

They claim that Mohammad Salangi, the missing doctor, has been detained by forces affiliated with the Islamic Emirate and they have not received any imformation aboit their son despite contacting government institutions.

“My son has been missing for five months and his fate is unknown. Everywhere they went, they did not find him. His parents are suffering,” said Murad Begum, the mother of the missing doctor.

“Please release my son. He did not kill anyone …He was a doctor,” said Shah Mohammad Mujahid, the father of the missing doctor.

The family members of this doctor ask the Islamic Emirate to disclose the fate of Lal Muhammad.

“I want my father to come home, we really miss him,” said Asma, the daughter of the missing doctor.

“Everywhere we go, we are told that ‘we have not arrested him’ and and ‘he is not with us’,” said Bashir, the brother of the missing doctor.

Meanwhile, local Parwan officials have started an investigation.

“We are trying–God willing, in the near future, wherever he is, we will find him and give good news to his family,” said Mullah Azizullah Omar, the Parwan police chief.

Previously another doctor was abducted by kidnappers in Parwan and was released a few days later, but it is not clear whether Lal Mohammad was abducted or detained by Islamic Emirate forces.—Tolonews

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