Fake materials will be identified: CM Elahi


CM inaugurates Hurmat-e-Quran Kareem portal

Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi inaugurated Hurmat-e-Quran Kareem Portal at Punjab Information Technology Board today.

CM apprised that Hurmat-e-Quran Kareem Portal will work under a technology based on artificial intelligence. The portal will identify fake materials relating to Quran Kareem available on the websites.

Hurmat-e-Quran Kareem Portal will issue alert warnings about the negative materials relating to Quran on the websites to the Quran Board and concerned institutions. The portal will also issue alerts to the concerned institutions in order to block the controversial material and for taking stern action against elements involved in uploading such a material.

CM stated that through Hurmat-e-Quran Kareem Portal the websites of those involved in doing condemnable activities will be blocked.

Registration and monitoring of publishers and E-publishers will also be carried out with the help of this system. CM while talking with the media representatives stated that the Punjab government has taken a milestone step by making Hurmat-e-Quran Kareem Portal and also to check disrespect to Quran-e-Kareem or making changes.

PITB has developed a software in collaboration with the Quran Board which will issue a prompt alert on the publication of a change in the name of Khatamun Nabiyeen (SAW) or a change in the Ayat or translation of the Holy Quran.

CM informed that one software system will also be installed in the office of Mutahida Ulema Board and the other will be installed in PITB. The person found involved in uploading a wrong material on the website will be immediately taken to task and the website will also be blocked. PITB has itself developed this software.

It is a big service to the religion and we will also provide this software to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkiye and Iran.

The Ulema-e-Karam delegation will visit Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkiye, Iran and will take forward this noble work of religion.