Fair enough to announce joint winners in a ‘no result’ match ?

Bipin Dani

Cricketers and fans may want to see the sole winner in the first World Test Championship, however, few have welcomed the ICC’s decision of announcing the joint winners in the event of a “no result” match

On Friday, while releasing the Playing Conditions for the World Test Championship Final, the ICC has announced that a draw or a tie will see both teams crowned as joint winners.

The ICC has also made provision for the Reserve Day if the time is lost during the match.

“In some situations drawing the match is also an achievement. It also requires temperament, technique and talent”, former India captain Dilip Vengsarkar, says.

“It is the right decision to announce the joint winners in case the game ends up in a draw”, former chief selector, MDSK Prasad endorsed.

“Having fought hard for two long years to get into the final, declaring the winner on spin of coin or some other method would have been very harsh”, he added.

Former BCCI umpire V Vikramraju, who officiated in one of the two Tied Tests, however didn’t like the idea.

“The ICC has been making so many changes in the law, why could they not find a way to declare the sole winner ?”, he asks.

“Declaring joint winners is not a good idea. Both teams should have been consulted before enforcing this playing condition later-though it was decided in 2018”, he added.

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