Faiq to represent Afghanistan at UN Assembly


Naseer Ahmad Faiq has assumed the leadership of the Afghan mission to the UN in the capacity of Charge d’ Affaires, the permanent mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations said in a statement.

The statement said that the permanent mission of Afghanistan would work closely with the UN members to address the current humanitarian crisis as well as to ensure the “fundamental rights of all Afghans.”

The appointment of Faiq comes after the former permanent Afghan ambassador to the UN, Ghulam Ishaqzai, resigned from his position.

“In cooperation with my colleagues, I will try to convey the voices of our beloved people–who are struggling with hunger, poverty, the coldness of winter and the violation of human rights–to the member countries of the United Nations,” Faiq said in a series of tweets.

Suhail Shaheen, a former spokesman and member of the Islamic Emirate’s Qatar-based political office, responding to the notice, said the UN should “prove its neutrality” and give the seat to the current government in Afghanistan. “Rules should supersede political preferences.”

However, the Afghanistan permanent mission has not clarified the details of how and by what authority Faiq has taken responsibility as the charge d’affaires. Political analysts believe that the international community will not engage with the current Afghan government unless the Islamic Emirate meets the condition of the international community.

“The Islamic Emirate should fulfill the conditions for recognition in order to take Afghanistan’s permanent chair at the United Nations,” said Toreq Farhadi, a political analyst. “Foreign countries have been trying to display the Afghan government as a weak government. If the Islamic Emirate doesn’t show flexibility, its relations with the world will be severe,” said Basheer Ahmad Atif, a political analyst.—AFP

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