FAFEN terms ECGB performance satisfactory


International FAFEN presented its review report to Chief Election Commissioner Gilgit-Baltistan Raja Shahbaz Khan on Tuesday.

According to the spokesperson of the Election Commission Gilgit-Baltistan, due to the personal efforts and hard work of Chief Election Commissioner Raja Shahbaz Khan, FAFEN in his review report described the performance as satisfactory in general election 2020.

He expressed satisfaction over the Election commission to conduct election as clean, transparent and impartial manner.

It may be recalled that in all 24 constituencies of Gilgit-Baltistan, about 900 FAFEN representatives were formed, who had carefully reviewed the election arrangements and measures, in the light of which the Election Commission of Gilgit-Baltistan in its comprehensive report Appreciating the arrangements and steps taken for the elections, he termed them as ideal and historic elections.

Meanwhile the FAFEN at a press conference in Gilgit on Tuesday, released its recommendations for free, fair, transparent, and inclusive elections in the mountainous region in line with the provisions of the new election law that has also been adapted by GB.

In its detailed set of proposals, FAFEN urged ECGB to establish District Election Offices to expand its reach across the region and to perform its legal functions. Many critical functions under the law such as ongoing update of electoral rolls require complete insulation from the executive and ECGB’s own officials can best perform these functions at the district levels.

Having a region-wide presence is a pre-requisite to guarantee the integrity of future elections, including the upcoming local government elections.

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