Facility of govt hostel should be ensured: Dilshad

Ijaz Butt

Service Medicare, Code Allowance, Allied Health Risk Allowance should be given to paramedics in Punjab in the same manner as KKK.

The facilities of government hostel for paramedics should also be ensured, said Muhammad Dilshad, Chairman, Young Paramedics Association Allied Hospital, President Tahir Jutt Samra, General Secretary Muhammad Naseer Ahmed, Senior Vice President Rana Nakash Raza, Chief Organizer Chaudhry Akhtar.

Gujjar, Munawar Manj and other officials while addressing a press conference at Faisalabad Press Club said that the government should fulfill its promise of not one but one Pakistan and paramedics of Punjab should not be treated like step mothers. Medics is recruited in BS 12 while in Punjab it is being recruited in basic scale 9 which is totally unfair.

Punjab paramedics should also be recruited in 12th scale.

Medics suffer from a sense of deprivation because KP’s paramedics have 1 Allied Health Allowance of Rs.5000 / – is being paid while paramedics of Punjab are being paid to doctors, nurses and up to 4th grade employees but paramedics of Punjab are being deprived of this right as well.

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