Facilitators of regime change being exposed: Cheema


Advisor to CM Punjab on Information Omar Sarfaraz Cheema has said that during the last four months, the facilitators of regime change operation against PTI are being exposed one by one. First, these thieves ended their cases of 1100 billion by amending the NAB rules, then a fugitive was brought back to the country in the royal protocol and seated on the chair of the finance minister. The manner in which cases are being waived with the help of prosecution is a question mark on the justice system, Cheema maintained.

These views were expressed by Omar Sarfaraz Cheema along with Special Assistant to CM Punjab for Anti-Corruption Brigadier (R) Muhammad Musadiq Abbasi during a press conference here at DGPR office. On this occasion, Brigadier (R) Muhammad Musadiq Abbasi said that Anti-Corruption Punjab has issued a notice to Rana Sanaullah for taking two plots as bribe in a housing scheme at Rawalpindi. He said that in the Panama case, Nawaz Sharif admitted that Avenfield apartments and properties belonged to him. It was proved in the JIT that Maryam Nawaz was a trustee beneficiary in the case of Avenfield Apartments purchased in 1992-93. According to British laws, 30% tax has to be paid on the sale or transfer of property from one person to another, to avoid which, two companies named Nelson and Nescol were formed from which Maryam Nawaz bought these flats.

Maryam Nawaz was jailed for seven years for trying to cover up her father’s money laundering. Omar Sarfaraz Cheema further said that the media cell of PML-N is famous for spreading false propaganda. Earlier, Maryam Nawaz brought controversial videos of judges, now audio leaks have been started to divert public attention from the real issues. He said that the PDM group is expert in taking NROs by amending the laws. PML-N tried to present Imran Khan’s leaked audio by distorting it, but despite this, the truth of the cipher has been acknowledged.

If Imran Khan’s foreign conspiracy and cipher claim was false, why is the federal government not investigating it? Brigadier retired Musadiq Abbasi said on the occasion thatba helpline number 1350 has been set up for registration of cases in Anti-Corruption Department.

People will be able to register their complaints along with documents on WhatsApp numbers as well. Abbasi said that we have written a letter to Chairman NAB that the cases which involve less than 50 crors and are related to Punjab should be referred to Anti-Corruption Punjab. Omar Sarfaraz Cheema further said that it is PDM’s method to grind its own axe with public money and government projects.

PDM activists are using old tactics to excuse their cases. Due to weak prosecution, big robbers are out while petty thieves are being punished.


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