Exhibition of handicrafts held in Kabul



An exhibition of domestic products called “Azadi Handicrafts” was held in Kabul in cooperation with the Afghanistan National Museum and Peace Garden.

The organizers said that the purpose of holding this exhibition is to advance the country’s economy and that most of the traders are women.

“Today we have a special exhibition about handicrafts, and women and girls are working on handicrafts, and we are displaying handicrafts in this exhibition,” said Mohammad Nader Walizada, director of the art academy of Mohammad Maymanagi.

“The government has to pay attention to this kind of cultural exhibition and provide facilities so we can hold more exhibitions,” said Sabira Rahmani, head of the Afghanistan National Museum.

Meanwhile, officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture said holding such exhibitions can advance the country’s economy.

“The Ministry of Information and Culture supports this kind of exhibition.” Said Saadoden Sayed, financial deputy of the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Some visitors asked to hold more of these kinds of exhibitions.

“We request to hold more exhibitions like this because some people work but cannot display their work,” said Basheer, a visitor.

“People can display their work and handicrafts in such exhibitions to other people,” said Sara, a visitor.

In this exhibition, twenty traders displayed their handicrafts, and it will continue for two days.—Tolo news