Exhibition ‘My Traditions versus Your Modernity’


Staff Reporter

The Exhibition titled “My Traditions Versus Your Tradition” opened at COMSATS Art Gallery on Thursday 21st November, 2019 at COMSATS art Gallery, COMSATS University, Islamabad. The exhibition which is a part of Islamabad Art Festival 2019 will exhibit art works of 22 artist, architects and designers. The artists participating in the show are Aimon (Saima Salahuddin), Aisha Imdad, Amna Hashmi, Aqeel Solangi, Cyrus Qureshi, Farrah Mahmood, Maryam Saif, Meezan Ali Mir, Mehwish Abid, M. Waqas O. Khel, Naqsh Raj, Nigar Nazar, Numair Abbas, Rashda Faridi, Samreen Asif, Shahida Mansoor , Suriyya Choudhry, Tabssum Saheen, Tayyaba Aziz, Wendy Billingslea, Zain ul Abidin and Zaira Zaka.
The exhibition was inaugurated by Chief Curator of IAF-19 Mr. Jamal Shah. Speaking at the occasion Mr. Jamal Shah said “It gives me immense pleasure to be able to organize Islamabad art Festival for the very first time in Islamabad. This city which is the capital of Pakistan should also be recognized for its efforts and work in the field of arts. Artists are backbone of any nation and a sensitive group of people who highlight major societal issues and bring awareness through their work to build a stronger nation. He praised the efforts of COMSATS Art Gallery and especially of Farrah Mahmood for putting up a show for IAF-19.
Speaking at the occasion In Charge COMSATS Art Gallery and the curator of the show Farrah Mahmood said “The concept of this exhibition, “My Tradition versus Your Modernity” is to bring people together with connections of our regional art. Through the multi-faceted works of artists, designers, and architects, this show will create a dialog between our roots and modern times. In this project the artists tried to project the traditions and modernity with emphasis upon Peace and Humanity.
IAF-19 (Islamabad Art Fest 2019) has been organized by a consortium of public and private educational institutions, art galleries and art associations from across Pakistan. The festival exhibits art works of more than 400 artists across Pakistan, over 200 participants are from 34 different countries of the world. The thematic focus of IAF- 19 is “dialogues between tradition and modernity”. The 15 day long International IAF-19 is being hosted in several locations in Islamabad engaging an audience from diverse backgrounds and ages in big numbers. Art activities of all genres are being held.

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