Excise dept collected over Rs7,821 in July: Mukesh Kumar



Sindh Minister for Excise Mukesh Kumar Chawla said on Friday the excise department has collected Rs7,821.638 million in the month of July that is up 18 per cent than the previous year corresponding month.

In the break-up, he noted Mukesh Kumar Chawla said taxes accumulated under motor vehicle head stood at Rs824.048 million in the month of July.

For taxes under infrastructure head, the department collected Rs6,395.43 million, the provincial minister said.

Additionally, in the rubric of the property tax, the department collected Rs129.630 million, Chawla said as the monthly numbers released today for July.

For professional tax, excise department collected Rs39.190 million, cotton fee ensure Rs1.841 million and entertainment duties swept in Rs0.68 million, the minister said.

On the federal front by the naitona tax collecting body FBR, it said net revenue of Rs413 billion in the first month of the fiscal year 2021-22, showing about 36 per cent growth over the collection of Rs303bn during last year’s corresponding period.

According to provisional data, July’s tax collection surpassed the target of Rs342bn by Rs71bn.

The FBR said it disbursed refunds amounting to Rs20bn compared to Rs15.7bn paid last year, showing an increase of 26.6pc.

“This is reflective of FBR’s resolve to fast-track refunds to prevent liquidity shortages in the industry despite facing the challenge of fourth wave of COVID-19,” it pointed out.


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