Ex-Military, Civil leaders should return, says Corps Commander


The commander of Al-Fath Corps in the north, Ataullah Omari, during a ceremony held in Samangan province urged all former military and civil leaders to return to Afghanistan.

In a ceremony held to observe the graduation of 300 military force members who received 40 days of military training in Samangan province, the commander said the issue of the Islamic Emirate’s recognition would be solved soon and the government is seeking to form a powerful army.

“I call on those to come and stay in your own country, stay beside your relatives and Muslim brothers. It is better to be a beggar in your own country than to be a king in a strange country,” said Omari.

Three hundred forces were trained in various areas including the use of military tanks, weapons and other defensive skills.

“About one thousand forces are registered and 300 forces graduated today,” said Mawlawi Jalaluddin Hanafi, the commander of the military brigade in Samangan.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the Islamic Emirate’s government intends to form a 100,000-member force.

“We received training to serve the country and the people, we will be able to serve the people at any time,” said Abdul Rahman, a graduate.

Afghanistan had over 350,000 defense and security personnel before the takeover of the Islamic Emirate. 190,000 of the forces were army forces, according to available information.


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