Ex-BHC CJ Noor’s murder suspect held


The prime suspect of former Balochistan High Court chief justice Muhammad Noor Meskanzai’s assassination was arrested by the Counter Terrorism Department on Saturday.

According to sources, the alleged killer of Justice Meskanzai has been affiliated with the outlawed group BLA, and the murder was committed after receiving orders from the commander of an Iranian group.

The CTD DIG, Aitzaz Goraya, addressing a press conference, revealed that the alleged killer of Meskanzai has been arrested.

The suspect is identified as Shafqat Ullah, and he martyred the former BHC chief justice in Kharan district of Balochistan.

Goraya further revealed that in order to conduct the investigation, a top-tier judicial commission was formed, and the terrorist has been arrested after conducting a detailed investigative.

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