EU foreign policy chief hopes bloc agrees next tranche of military aid to Ukraine



The European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said he hopes member states will approve another 500 million euro ($545.00 million) tranche in military aid for Ukraine during a foreign ministers’ meeting on Monday.

Speaking as he arrived at the meeting, Borrell said he was hopeful the 27 EU members would reach an agreement on the funds, which are part of the so-called European Peace Facility.

The Hungarian foreign ministry and the government spokesman did not respond to requests for comment last week on reports that Budapest had been blocking that move ahead of on Monday.

EU countries are also working on a 10th package of sanctions to take effect next month against Russia for waging war against Ukraine, diplomatic sources told Reuters, though no decisions are expected on that on Monday.

The ministers will also discuss using Russian assets frozen in Europe under sanctions – including 300 billion euros ($327 bln) worth of the Russian central bank reserves – and using the money to help rebuild Ukraine from the war.

The foreign ministers are due to add more individuals to its Iran sanctions list over human rights abuses. Borrell said, however, that the bloc could not list Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist entity until an EU court has determined that they are.—INP