EU calls on Islamic Emirate to form inclusive govt


European Union delegates during a two-day meeting with delegates of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar called on the Islamic Emirate to take actions to form an inclusive government that would pave the way for national reconciliation and that would include women.

The meetings were held on November 27 and 28, during which both sides discussed humanitarian aid, security, the EU’s humanitarian presence in Kabul, human rights, women’s rights, fighting terrorism, and the formation of an inclusive government.

The EU External Action Service in a statement said that the meeting does not imply recognition of the Islamic Emirate, saying that it has been part of the EU’s operational engagement and is in the interest of both the EU and the Afghan people.

“This weekend the EU held a two-day dialogue in Doha with members of the Taliban-declared interim Afghan government (‘the Afghan delegation’). This dialogue does not imply recognition by the EU of the interim government,” the statement reads.

The EU delegation pointed to the importance of democracy in Afghanistan and called for any possible constitutional reform to be implemented through a transparent and participatory process.

“It called on the interim government to take swift, meaningful and concrete steps towards an inclusive government that represents the richness of Afghan society in terms of ethnic, political and religious affiliation and with both women and men in senior positions, and which should pave the way for national reconciliation,” the statement reads.

The two sides expressed their concern about the worsening humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and the EU delegates expressed their willingness to continue providing humanitarian aid to the Afghan people.

They also said it is necessary to have both men and women on the ground to deliver aid to the people.

The Islamic Emirate said the humanitarian assistance will not be subjected to taxation. The Islamic Emirate also said it will resume the payment of salaries to all civil servants who in many cases have not received salaries since May.

The Islamic Emirate delegation also said it will fulfill its commitment and will facilitate the safe passage of foreign nationals and Afghans who wish to leave the country.

Keeping the airports open for safe passage of Afghans wishing to leave was discussed, and the Islamic Emirate delegates requested assistance in keeping the airports operational.

The EU said that amid the suspension of its development assistance to Afghanistan, it will consider providing substantial financial assistance for the direct benefit of the people of Afghanistan and such support will be channeled through international organizations.

“In the meeting, the Afghan delegation confirmed its commitment to upholding and respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the rights of women, children, and persons belonging to minorities as well as freedom of speech and of the media, in line with Islamic principles,” the statement reads.

The EU also welcomed the intention of the Islamic Emirate to provide equal access to education for girls and boys at all levels and for women to work in different sectors.

The Islamic Emirate delegation also reiterated it will fight terrorism and will not allow any attack to be staged from Afghanistan against any country. The EU delegates said they will have a humanitarian presence in Kabul.

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