Environment activists share recommendations for climate-resilient society

Zubair Qureshi

Young participants who recently attended Stockholm+50 in Sweden shared their experiences at a follow up event hosted by the Embassy of Sweden on Wednesday and gave their recommendations regarding possible solutions to the challenges such as waste issues, urbanization, water pollution and expanding of private sector businesses.

Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman was the chief guest on the occasion while the Swedish ambassador Henrik Persson was the host. Sherry Rehman while appreciating the young activists and environmentalists assured the government would not disappoint them and their recommendations would be looked into and if possible, implemented.

You are the agents of change, she said and it is your right to breathe in clean air, consume pure food and drink clean water. However, she said this needed a lot of commitment and resources as Pakistan is already struggling in the wake of catastrophic floods and had literally become ground zero of climate disaster.

Henrik Persson, Ambassador of Sweden welcomed the participants and said “I believe young people are the are leaders of today. That is why the Swedish Embassy will continue to engage with youth. To us, it is an essential, urgent and a demographic as well as democratic imperative. We also recognize that for countries such as Pakistan, the key is not reducing emissions but ensuring climate-friendly development pathways and building climate resilience.”


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