Enraged man beats biker in road rage incident


The city police have arrested an angry motorist after he hit a biker with a baseball bat in alleged road rage incident, it has been learnt. According to police, the incident occurred in Karachi’s DHA Phase II when a man, who was traveling with his family in a car, got angry at the biker for not giving him space to pass and took out a baseball bat from his vehicle and hit the biker’s head. Upon being informed, the police reached the spot and shifted the injured to a nearby hospital. They also took the car driver into their custody.Police said the arrested man has been identified as Farooq. The arrested man told police that he was travelling with his family in a car when a biker came in front of his car and he asked a motorcyclist to give him space. “When I tried to move my car from the left side, the biker suddenly blocked my way. At that moment, I thought that someone might be coming to loot. I took out a baseball bat kept for my personal protection,” he said. He further said that the motorcyclist tried to attack him first following which he took out a baseball bat from his vehicle and hit Biker’s head. “I hit him in my self-defense.” The police have launched the investigation.

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