Engro Fertilizers accelerates digitization through SAP Fiori gamification

Staff Reporter

Engro Fertilizers Limited, a premier Pakistani fertilizer manufacturing and marketing company and a subsidiary of Engro Corporation, has accelerated its digitization at an unprecedented pace through the gamification of the SAP Fiori software application.

This innovative initiative helped the company overcome several internal corporate challenges, such as employee resistance to digital change andenhancing sales force performance by enabling them through technology.

Developed by SAP, a global leader in software, Fiori allows organizations to create customized applications depending on specific needs.

The application’s adoption gave Engro Fertilizers’ sales force direct access to real time data like inventory, customer balances and customer counts on their smart phones, empowering them to make data-centric decisions.

However, the initial resistance to adopting a new technology resulted in restricted app usage with employees still dwelling on traditional inefficient practices.

To drive employee engagement and ensure maximum utilization of the app’s key offerings for better sales and customer servicing, the commercial excellence team at Engro Fertilizers integrated an innovative concept of gamification into S/4Hana Fiori where a game-like interactive interface was introduced, titled “The Pakistan Walk”.

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