Engro becomes Karachi United’s official team sponsor

Observer Report

Engro Corporation Limited, Pakistan’s premier conglomerate, has become the official sponsor of Karachi United (KU) football team to support community development and social uplift of the country’s talented youth through sports at the grass-root level.

As the official sponsor, Engro will support Karachi United in its efforts to develop football excellence in the country for participation in larger tournaments.

The collaboration will also boost KU’s outreach programs and its 11 Centers of Excellence in the inner-city locations, that provide free football coaching, and education and heath assistance to more than 1,000 boys and girls.

Talking about this sponsorship, Ghias Khan, CEO Engro Corporation said, “Engro has always been at the forefront of supporting sports development initiatives as we strive to contribute towards human development goals of Pakistan.

Over the years, we have seen the country’s youth become increasingly passionate about football and eager to improve their game skills.

We are excited to be a part of this journey with KU and hope to see the KU team creating a strong impression on the global stage with its focus on achieving football excellence.”

Speaking about this partnership, Ali Ata, Director Development, Karachi United said, “We are grateful to Engro Corporation for embarking on this journey of developing football excellence with an extremely talented team.

Our goal is to play in various national as well as international tournaments with this team and, thus, this sponsorship helps us in achieving this objective.

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