Engagements must be multi- stakeholder to address Covid-19


Staff Reporter

“We can say research is a route to find out the unknown answers of the problems and filling the gaps between the reality and hypothesis. Research capitulate us with an insight to a problem and inform an action – which, can improve our approach towards living. Social research can help us understand and relate to each other better, and can shed light on social interactions.” This was observed by Director General NCHD Hassan Baig while addressing the members of Operational Review Meeting of NCHD, here today.
The meeting was attended by all the program heads, provincial heads and coordinators along with Director General and Chairman NCHD.
While talking about the Coordinated Gap Analysis Report, DG-NCHD lamented that such researches are beneficial as a whole in every field which is hit by the pandemic COVID-19. Being the director general of NCHD, it gives me immense pleasure to share with you that NCHD being Lead Agency have the potential to conduct such researches. On the other hand it is a national organization having its footing in every district can utilize knowledge and approaches in the right direction in such situations of lockdown and natural disasters/pandemics, he informed.
Disruptions like this pandemic can also result by many other natural, political, economic and environmental hazards, he claimed. The pandemic has exposed our vulnerability to the crises. We need to be more preparedness, he maintained.
The Chairman NCHD Dr. Amirullah Marwat while addressing the meeting stated, NCHD role will enhance in the future regarding alleviation of poverty, streamlining of Deeni Madaris in collaboration with Directorate General of Religious Education (DGRE).NCHD is well prepared for its future assignments.