Emerging Balochistan | By Muhammad Mustansar


Emerging Balochistan

BALOCHISTAN has immense potential with respect to tourism and transit trade.

God has been kind to this region because it has huge minerals and other natural resources which seem to be the backbone and it can help alleviate poverty and to strengthen its people in economic terms.

Unfortunately, Balochistan has been the victim of terrorism and militant activities since the inception of Pakistan due to nationalist approach of the leaders of this region.

They wanted an independent state because of the negligence of the successive governments.

Arch rival neighbour (India) also exploited the situation and started funding these organisations to fight against the institutions of Pakistan. The defence forces of Pakistan caught Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadev red—handed in Balochistan in 2016.

He was involved in terror activities and accepted that he run terror network to sabotage peace of this region.

Baloch Liberation and some other separatist groups joined hands with India to fulfil their vested interests.

Keeping in view the situation, Pakistan Army, in the recent past, played a great role in countering terror activities and militants in Balochistan, so now the law and order situation in the province is much better as compared to the past.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to do dialogue with the nationalist parties of Balochistan for the peaceful future of the region and also he allocated Rs 731 billion for the development and prosperity of the region. Provincial government has Rs 180 billion for the well-being of their people.

PM Imran Khan has taken Balochistan very seriously because he wants to see prosperous Balochistan and this region is very decor to him.

Local Government and defence forces of Pakistan are working hard to maintain the peaceful atmosphere after many decades of violence.

This province has been neglected by successive governments intentionally or unintentionally and with the lack of commitment and incompetence , the people of Balochistan suffered the most.

Incumbent government of Pakistan has taken the matter of Balochistan seriously and planned to build 16 dams that will be helpful in irrigation of 150,000 acres of agricultural land that will profit the agriculture sector of this region.

Development of an olive processing unit and three dates processing units will help lift up the local farmers.

57 percent of the total population is getting electricity in Balochistan, Federal and local governments are concerned about this issue and they’re working on it.

Prime Minister approved electricity projects in which South Balochistan will be connected to main grid, PM Khan has emphasis on electricity and water.

These are the biggest problems which create lots of issues for the people of this area. The Local Government has been focusing on the education sector of the region.

They’re upgrading five girls schools from primary to middle and 53 girls schools from middle to high schools. They’re also reforming 45 boys schools from primary to middle and middle to high schools.

Education can prove the game changer of this region because it creates opportunities for the youth of Balochistan to lead their region with capability and integrity.

Government has appointed more than 1550 teaching and non-teaching staff too. The government is rebuilding the Bolan Medical College which will prove a great asset for medical studies.

Government allocated Rs 50 million for each hospital to upgrade the system which will help tackle any kind of health emergency. Fatima Jinnah hospital is doing great job in this ongoing pandemic.

There are certain labs on the agenda of the government just to improve the testing facilities in the region. Job opportunities in health sector will also control the unemployment. The government is also well aware of the tourist capacity of the region so they’re building tourist resorts.

China is supporting in socioeconomic projects such as Livestock, agriculture, and fisheries, Rs 30 Bn worth projects have been started.

Connecting Balochistan with Sindh via Sobatpur (road) to Kashmore will bring a great change. PM Khan just launched second phase of CPEC, which is comprised of 2200 acres of land.

PM Khan is concerned about the water problem faced by the people of this region and he initiated sanitization plant to solve the water problems.

PM Khan has given worth of Rs 600 billion package to South Balochistan for its development projects.

Foreign investors are also showing their great interests in Gwadar port projects especially in Special Economic Zones.

Trade traffic increases in Gwadar Port from 13,000 matric tones to 60,000 matric tones.

There is no doubt that incumbent government shows more concern about the well-being of the people of Balochistan.

Development projects in the province will prove the beacon in coming days with regard to the other developed cities of the world.

—The writer is a senior columnist based in Islamabad.

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