Embrace & Support Technology


A lot of controversial stories involving American President Donald Trump and tech giants like Google, Huawei have been reported from the USA on numerous occasions to date.
Being at the helm of the world’s richest country, Trump should be careful and cautious while dealing with tech companies like Google. America having been home to great technological advances available in the world today cannot be denied anymore.
The beautiful people like Bill Gates and other renowned companies like Microsoft are originating from America. In short or in a nutshell, the USA is a sweet word when it comes to the world technology.
Technology has given human beings a lot of facilities besides impacting and transforming the world in a significant way. America should not spoil its own wealth and prosperity by unnecessarily cracking down on tech giants like Google, but should support them of its own volition. As a result of free trade and strong support, technological advances will immensely benefit the whole world.

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