‘Ehsaas Newsletter’ underscores journey of programme in Covid-19


Staff Reporter

Connecting with wide-ranging stakeholders Monday, Ehsaas has released the second volume of the newsletter. This electronic newsletter looks back at the Ehsaas program’s progress from January 01, 2020 to June 30, 2020. The brand-new edition of newsletter marks the launch of a number of new social protection and poverty alleviation initiatives under the overarching framework of Ehsaas.
The newsletter innovatively outlines the response of the government of Pakistan during the period to address Covid-19 challenges in the country. Early in the year 2020, Pakistan administered nationwide Covid-19 emergency measures which adversely impacted the livelihoods of many labourers and daily wagers. To mitigate the economic hardships being experienced by many workers, the government introduced the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program within ten days of the lockdown to extend cash handouts of Rs. 12,000 to 16.9 million families in need. The newsletter provides a link to the recently launched report on Ehsaas Emergency Cash.
To address the need of the hour further, the federal government had also opened a range of assistance initiatives through Ehsaas Rashan Portal to empower welfare organizations to play a well-coordinated role with the government in responding to the Covid-19. The pandemic also affected the implementation of several Ehsaas programs and initiatives in the field. Striking balance between wellness, safety and social protection, Ehsaas has now positively resumed operations of interest free loans and small income generating assets countrywide to graduate the poorest households out of poverty. The newsletter gives key details about these interventions.
Since Ehsaas’ last newsletter that covered the year 2019, several new Ehsaas initiatives and programs have been rolled out.