EFU Life, BOP to provide takaful solutions to BOP’s RDA holders


Roshan Digital Account is a major initiative of the State Bank of Pakistan, which provides banking solutions for non-resident Pakistanis, and resident Pakistanis with declared assets held abroad.

BOP is the first bank in the industry to offer both conventional and Islamic variants of this product for customers to open and operate digitally. In addition to other banking services, RDA customers can make investments in Pakistan, and avail house loan and auto loans.

To enhance lifestyle offerings for RDA customers, EFU Life and BOP have taken the initiative and signed a unique insurance solution for RDA customers and their loved ones. Customers can opt for insurance/ Takaful plans according to their needs, enabling them to mitigate financial risks associated with unfortunate events of death, accidental death, and permanent total disability.

In addition, the health risks of customers’ family members (spouse and kids) residing in Pakistan are also being taken care of. The entire family can also avail a virtual health care benefit, an essential addition in these Covid times.

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