EFP suggests govt to import oxygen cylinders to meet escalating demand


Staff Reporter


President of the Apex Body of Manufacturers, The Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP), Ismail Suttar has advised the government to consider importing oxygen cylinders from China to meet the escalating demand for Oxygen gas cylinders in the country amid Corona outbreak. He said that Pakistan has capacity but some shameful lot are doing business and reselling used cylinders at prices as high as 500 percent.
In a statement on Friday, Ismail Suttar said that with the confirmed cases reaching 160,000 patients, hospitals have started to report an acute shortage of oxygen cylinders. Similarly, oxygen concentrators and oximetry devices are in short supply and their availability is subject to exorbitant prices.
As home-quarantined people look towards sourcing oxygen cylinders, the lack of availability and the high-cost barrier has complemented the worsening health system of the country.