Efforts on to put mines, mineral sector on modern lines

Staff Reporter

Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural resources and sustainable mining of these resources can play a significant role in strengthening economy of the country.

The Punjab Mines & Minerals Department being custodian of the natural mineral resources, undertook new initiatives for sustainable development of mineral sector in Punjab.

To bring transparency and efficiency in the grant of mining concessions, the department has taken initiative to develop Mining Cadastre System.

This system will includes the Web-GIS data of mining concessions granted all over the Punjab, infrastructure facilities in mining areas, potential geological information and investment opportunities available for mining sector in Punjab.

This system will also include the application management system which would allow the investor to file and track the application for new mining concessions in transparent way.

These views were expressed Punjab Mines and Minerals Secretary Amir Ijaz Akbar while addressing a seminar on Mines, here on Monday.

He said that to strengthen the field monitoring system, the department with the help of Punjab IT Board has taken initiative for digitization of inspection regime through ADP Schemes for safety of mines workers working in the mineral sector of Punjab.

He said that to promote exploration and mining activities in the sector, the department has taken initiative for potential evaluation of Gypsum, Bauxite, Coal etc.

in Suleman Range District DG Khan, and exploration and evaluation of Placer Gold Deposits in River Indus in District Attock.

This successful completion of these studies will promote investment opportunities.

In Fiscal Year 2018-19, Department has achieved Revenue Receipt, Rs7.80 Bn, in F.Y. 2019-20, Rs8.74 Bn despite Covid-19 Pandemic. For Current Fiscal Year 2020-21, till Feb, the department has collected Rs5.56 Bn in term of Revenue Receipt, he added.

Additional Secretary Mine Samina Saleem stated that for better service delivery, ease of doing business and to bring transparency and efficiency in the working, the department is doing legal framework review. i.e. Amendment in Punjab Mining Concession Rules, 2002 and Mines Act, 1923, provincialization of Excise Duty on Minerals (Labour Welfare Act, 1967).