Efforts needed to improve travel safety


Staff Reporter


Commuters’ safety is not a one-way responsibility of the government only and people must be made aware of their own role in ensuring a safe travelling environment. This was unanimously agreed upon by the Pakistan PR Influencers’ Chat (PPRIC), a Twitter-based forum for public relations professionals, in its inaugural online session under the hashtag #PakistanPRchat.
The forum organized its premier discussion session in the aftermath of the recent Tezgam train fire incident which took place near Rahim Yar Khan, killing over 74 people and injuring many others.
The consensus of the members of the forum was that PR professional can play a leading role in raising the travel safety awareness among people and they must be sensitized about the fact that maintaining safety is not just an operational issue, but a shared responsibility of both commuters and transportation providers.
With appropriate safety measures in place, a consistent awareness campaign will help people to avoid self-harming actions and take preventive precautions against possible hazards during travelling. Later, the Pakistan PR Influencers’ Chat forum put forward and approved various recommendations to devise an effective PR strategy to achieve the objective by utilizing all mainstream channels of communication.

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