Efforts afoot to plant 170m saplings during monsoon

Staff Reporter

To counter climate change and deforestation challenges, the KP Forest Department has accelerated efforts to plant 170 million saplings against the set target of 41.194 million during ongoing monsoon campaign in the province.

Conservator KP Forest Department, Gulzar Rehman, told that initially our plantation target for monsoon was 41.194 million saplings and now efforts was underway to plant 170 million keeping in view of enhanced fit planting stock being received from nurseries and assisted natural regeneration.

He said out of 170 million, efforts were being made to increase plantation targets to 61 million while 109 million saplings to be raised through assisted natural regeneration during monsoon.

As many as 153.591 million seedlings have been grown in forest department nurseries out of which 41.194 million saplings were fit for monsoon plantation in KP.

Conservator said 29.757 million saplings would be planted through departmental plantation including 14.046 million in merged areas, 2.499 million through mass plantation events, 4.370 million through farmers, 385,000 through village developmental committee (VDCs) and 3.431 through defense forces of Pakistan.

He said 751,000 saplings would be planted through educational institutions, Govt departments and others institutions while sowing and dibbling on 2338.32 acres would be carried out on suitable sites in the province.

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