EETPL concealing facts to shift onus on SSGC

Staff Reporter

This is with reference to the recent statement of ENGRO Corp CEO related to the issue of dry docking of EETPL Terminal.

SSGC at the outset com-pletely rejects the statement of the EETPL CEO and stresses that EETPL has been misrepresenting the facts, by misinforming the print and electronic me-dia on the issue simply to conceal their own faults, procedural lapses and deviation from contract signed between two commercial entities and to shift the entire onus on SSGC, which in itself is quite unethical.

This LSA entitles EETPL, in the capacity of being the Operator, the provision of sending the FSRU on dry-dock for twice during a contract period of 15 years.

It must be mentioned here that in accordance with the requirement of LSA, EETPL was required to inform SSGC regarding the dry dock activity of 2021 not later than July 1, 2020, which EETPL did not submit in timely manner and not even informed in the Annual Delivery Program (ADP-2021) meet-ing of stakeholders held in October 2020.

In October 2019, EETPL informed SSGC regarding the dry-dock schedule which was being planned for May 29, 2020 till July 13, 2020 and agreed upon by all stakeholders during the ADP meeting for the year 2020.

However, in February EETPL informed that due to challenges in ensuring availability of shipyards and bridging FSRU, the planned dry dock activity will now commence no sooner than June 30, 2020.

On this instance, SSGC requested EETPL to plan such crucial activities keeping in view the fact that LNG/ RLNG supply chain is critical due to back to back commitments, that can trigger serious financial implications including take or pay/demurrages on upstream and downstream li-abilities on the stakeholders, in case of even a small deviation from the plan.

Furthermore, SSGC re-quested SNGPL and PSO to share their comments on the matter to which SNGPL responded to ensure adherence to the already agreed EETPL outage schedule of ADP-2020 for avoiding any operational / financial risk.

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