Educational stipends worth Rs.30m approved




On the direction of Ombudsman Punjab Maj. (R) Azam Suleman Khan, approval has been granted for the release of Rs.31203812 as educational stipends, marriage, and death grants to industrial workers for the period 2017-21 by the Punjab Workers Welfare Board Lahore.

According to details, 38 applicants, including Muhammad Ameen Sharif, from Gujranwala submitted applications to Ombudsman Punjab that their educational stipends, marriage, and death grant cases were lying pending. Earlier, such cases were, usually, decided in a period of three months, they added.

It was submitted that all the cases of less payment of educational stipends for 2017-18 and all educational stipend cases for 2019-20 were still pending in the office of Director Labour Welfare, Gujranwala Division (WEST) despite the fact that required documents have been provided by the applicants according to new rules.

During the course of the proceeding, the Labour Directorate’s representative apprised the office of Ombudsman Punjab that more than 200 cases have been approved while 300 plus cases would be accorded sanction in the next meeting. Meanwhile, 80 cases of educational stipends for 2019 valuing Rs. 13603812 have been approved, he said.

Alongside, the total value of 78 approved cases of marriage grant for 2019 was one crore and 16 lakh rupees.

Similarly, the value of approved death grant cases of 11 employees/heirs was six million rupees, he added. The applicants have thanked the office of Ombudsman Punjab for solving their problems.

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