Education system should be updated, stresses Sirohey


While talking to the monthly ijlas of Shura Hamdard, former Naval Chief Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey and other scholars of Shura Hamdard said that our educational system and syllabus is outdated which needs to be updated. World is stepping towards artificial intelligence.
Knowledge is power and the Holy Quran is the source of knowledge and it carries information about everything but we do not utilize it. Hakim Mohammed Said adopted the field of social service and cured the patients, he also took the responsibility to provide quality education and training to the children.
Hakim Mohammed Said adopted Greek method of treatment and developed Hamdard Laboratories which started production of Greek medicine on commercial basis.
The topic of ijlas was “Bar-e-Sagheer Men Tibb-e-Unani-Mazi, Haal Aur Mustaqbil, Hakim Mohammed Said Ki Khidmaat”. National president Shura Hamdard, Sadia Rashid said that Hakim Mohammed Said was of the opinion that all three treatment formats need to work together for curing the illnesses.
Greek method of treatment is better and needs more attention as it doesn’t have any side effects. Hakim Mohammed Said came to Pakistan in 1948 and founded Hamdard Matab which he kept running and expanding till he was martyred.
Now the world is again trying to divert towards organic foods as items developed by chemicals are causing different diseases. Natural and organic food and medicine is becoming prior to humans as they are the best for human health.—PR