ECP issues final electoral rolls; voters tally goes above 115m


Our Correspondent


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has released the voters’ figures of final electoral lists on Thursday. The country have overall 115,748,753 voters, according to the figures released by the ECP. A spokesperson for the ECP says that the ratio of male and female voters in electoral rolls has been 55:45 percent respectively.
Sindh have total 2,43,51,681 voters, while Karachi’s District Central has been the largest district of the province with regard to the number of the registered voters, the ECP statement said. The District Central have 19,66, 945 voters, while District West have 16,46,187 voters and the District East have 15,07,445 voters, according to the ECP electoral rolls.
Moreover, Korangi District in Karachi have 13,67,106 and South District have 11,74,124 voters. Punjab have maximum voters in Pakistan’s provinces, the number over overall voters in the province is 6,62,36,144 voters according to the final electoral rolls, the election commission said.
Federal Capital Islamabad have 825,833 voters, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have 19,533,964 voters and Balochistan have 48,01,131 number of voters, the ECP said.

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