E-billing in NHA


PTI leader Murad Saeed has a reputation of making hard hit
ting speeches against the Opposition and calling a spade a spade but since assuming the Office of Ministry of Communications, he has also emerged as a real doer and done some excellent work both in Pakistan Post and the National Highway Authority (NHA) to enhance their performance and efficiency which has already started yielding dividends in the form of enhanced revenues.
On Saturday, the Federal Minister launched yet another innovative initiative of e-billing system in NHA to facilitate the contractors which will ensure speedy processing of their bills and ensure greater transparency. Under this new system, the contractor will submit bill at NHA’s E-Billing Portal and Consultant will verify/certify the bill. Project Authority will exercise laid down check, and sanction payment. Finance Wing will process and accord approval of payment, prior to release of payment to the beneficiary. Indeed this is a step forward towards good governance by using the latest technology which will also help control corruption in the department and also save time and cost. The system will also help in redressal of complaints and fixing of responsibility in case of any delay. Earlier, it was also under the guidance of Minister Murad Saeed that NHA launched its mobile application to facilitate the commuters on motorways and national highways and now it is also reportedly working towards building an E-bidding system which in fact will also speed up the process of awarding contracts. Other Ministers should also go towards E-governance and introduce information technology in their departments to enhance their efficiency and performance that will ultimately benefit the masses.

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