Dubai-based Pakistani group pledges equitable education in homeland


Staff Reporter

Touched by the plight of Pakistan’s public schools and students in rural areas, Mr. Ali, a philanthropist based in Dubai, has extended his support to under-served schools to improve the quality of education so that the students can become productive citizens.
According to Pakistan’s education statistics report campaign, there are 303,446 schools– of which 191,065 are public and 112,381 private. The total enrolment is 47.5 million – out of which 27.7 million is for public and 19.8 million is for private, but there is a shortage of quality teachers in Pakistan — around 29% of schools in across Pakistan only have one teacher which portrays an alarming state of affairs of the country’s education disparity.
On a broader level, the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG-4) ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for al. The Article 25-A of Pakistan’s Constitution also stipulates free and compulsory education to all children aged 5-16 years old as a fundamental right.
However, the current state of education indicates that the system is largely inequitable and fails to deliver the kind of education which enables all children in Pakistan to reach their full potential and contribute to the society as well as the economy. Pakistan is world’s top-talented nations for the ICT and financial industries.

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