Drum-beating practice still alive to awake fasting people


Undoubtedly, the latest tools have changed the commoner’s life to a great extent, but the traditional system of drum-beating continues in Rawalpindi to wake up the faithful at Sehri.

The centuries-old ritual of beating drums at Sehri time continues in various parts of the city while some are on motorcycles and bicycles using megaphones to awake the residents.

Allah Rakha -a, 68-year-old drummer, said, “I have been doing it for the last several years as it gives me some additional money for celebrating Eid. Before starting drum beating in a dark lane of Satellite town, he used to shout, urging the faithful to wake up and take Sehri.

Ramzan culminates on Eidul Fitr when people award tips to the drummers for their service of waking up the people during the month.Most human alarm clocks are poor, but some faithful do the job to earn sawab.

It gives us inner satisfaction, and this is a way you can earn more sawab,” said Saee Noora, another drummer.


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