Drug-addicted father kills 2 year-old son


In a horrible incident, a drug-addicted man killed his two-year-old child over a domestic fight with his wife in Karachi.

According to police, the drug-addicted man slammed the minor to the ground when he couldn’t get the drug.The man brought his child to Jinnah hospital for a normal check-up but started fighting with his wife when he couldn’t find his drugs.

In a fit of rage, he slammed his two-year-old child on the ground in Jinnah hospital Karachi. The minor died on the spot.

Earlier, a gruesome murder case of a minor boy was reported in Punjab’s Chatian Wala town who had been killed by a woman to take revenge on the deceased child’s mother in the neighbourhood.

The accused woman had fought with the child’s mother a few days ago in the same street. Later, the woman caught the minor boy, Rehan, from the street and brought him to her residence and killed him.