Drains cleaning drive in full swing ahead of monsoon


The Sindh government’s strategy for cleaning storm water drains before the monsoon seems to be working.

Sindh Local Government Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that as a result of the data provided till June 8 under the drain cleaning campaign started from 26th May and in just 14 days about two million cubic feet silt has been taken out from drains and shifted to landfill sites by 2773 dumpers and further work is in full swing.

According to Najam Ahmad Shah, 1500 dumpers have shifted storm water drains silt at Gond Pass landfill site and 1,273 dumpers have shifted garbage to Jam Chakro landfill site.

Giving the details, the local government secretary said that 477,248 cubic feet of waste from rainwater drains of West District has been transferred in 576 dumpers to landfill sites, 599450 cubic feet of silt from Central Municipality shifted through 778 dumpers, 95,000 cubic feet of waste from Malir Municipality through 160 dumpers, 124539 cubic feet of waste from Korangi District through 144 dumpers and 574245 cubic feet from District South through 972 dumpers has been sent to landfill sites.

Giving views over this excellent performance of the Sindh government, Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that due to the continuous guidance of the chief minister and the local government minister, the canal cleaning campaign is progressing rapidly and the storm water drains are being cleaned in the most effective and smart way.

The secretary sounded satisfied with the performance of committee formed for the accomplishment of Nullahs cleaning campaign.

Najam Shah vowed that the process of cleaning of storm water drains would be completed soon and the people of city would not be facing any sort of difficulties in upcoming rains.