Dr Sattar announces to support MQM-P’s political movement


The head of MuttahidaQaumi Movement Bahali Committee Dr Farooq Sattar has announced to support the MQM-P’s political movement against ‘controversial’ delimitations and raising voices for a strong local government (LG) system.

Dr Farooq Sattar made the announcement after meeting MQM-P convener Dr Khalid MaqboolSiddiqui at his residence in PIB Colony on Sunday.

During the meeting, DrSiddiqui invited DrSattar to attend the upcoming protest scheduled for January 11.Addressing a joint press conference, Dr Khalid MaqboolSiddiqui said that pre-poll rigging is started in Karachi and Hyderabad ahead of LG polls via flawed delimitations and bogus voter lists.

Sattar said that he has already warned MQM-P leaders of their mistake by signing a political agreement with the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in Sindh. He also announced to start joint political efforts with MQM-P leadership for the rights of the urban Sindh areas.

Sources told ARY News that DrFarooqSattar assured Dr Khalid MaqboolSiddiqui of attending the MQM-P’s protest against the delimitations. He complained about not counting Muhajirs in the population census and depriving them of basic human rights. He criticised PPP for not complying with the political agreements with the MQM-P.