Dr Masood assigned to monitor, surveillance at LGH


Dr. Masood Akhtar Sheikh, who has extensive experience in administrative affairs in the medical sector of Punjab, has been given the responsibility by the Principal PGMI Prof. Dr. Al-freed Zafar to monitor/surveillance in Lahore General Hospital (LGH).

This doctor of Grade 19 not only has a good reputation but also special skills in administration that is why he has been posted in this state-of-the-art Institution.

In this regard, Principal Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that this assignment which was given to Dr.Masood is very necessary in view of the increas-ing number of patients and work pressure in LGH.

He expressed hope that Dr. Masood Akhtar will discharge his responsibilities in a good manner. Prof. Al-freed further said that proper monitoring should be done to check the performance of the staff in the Institution, maintain discipline and run the daily affairs properly.

It is important to have a system so that all matters can be dealt with on merit.

Principal PGMI urged said that apart from improving the quality of performance of different departments, treatment of patients coming to the hospital and timely resolution of complaints should also be ensured.

Principal Al-freed expressed the hope that Dr. Masood Akhtar, who has vast experience of holding administrative positions in various hospitals during his service, will perform his responsibilities properly in the General Hospital as well and through this the efficiency and reputation of this institution will further increase.


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