Dr Alvi inaugurates TDF Magnifi Science Centre



President Arif Alvi inaugurated the TDF Magnifi Science Centre (MSC) in Karachi that aims at promoting science literacy and critical thinking in youth through experiential learnings.

Speaking on the occasion, President Alvi said the project established by The Dawood Foundation would develop students’ interest in scientific studies.

Saying the world is changing, the President said that the new world is all about the science, technology, mathematics and so on.

He stressed that quality of education is more important than the luxurious buildings, adding that educational institutes should focus on teaching the analytical skill to students so they could be able to take decision in their daily life. The president said, ‘My fascination with science is tremendous.’

Alvi said that a child holds the fascination for science or anything else more at the minor age but as he grows by time the fascination starts reducing at diminishing level.He said that the things are changing.

He further said that the field of education is very wide but our fascination with it was limited.He further said that scientific fairs are methods through which the children can be encouraged to look into science.

MagnifiScience is an umbrella under which The Dawood Foundation promotes science literacy and critical thinking in youth through experiential learnings.

It is an inclusive platform which creates learning spaces by inviting people together from all backgrounds, irrespective of age, gender or class. MagnifiScience includes science exhibitions across the country and children’s studio.

The Dawood Foundation is now establishing Pakistan’s first modern and interactive science centre, TDF MagnifiScience Centre.


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